If I Choose to Parent, Can You Provide Assistance?

If you choose to parent, you will be surprised at the amount of assistance available to you. Not only will The Center for Women help you, but many community organizations are also designed to support you.

Earn While You Learn

By enrolling in our Bright Start education classes and completing lessons, you and your partner can earn points to trade for many material resources. Receive maternity and baby clothes, baby furniture and equipment, and many other baby necessities.

Other Parenting Assistance

In addition to our material assistance, we also provide referrals for medical care. You can learn about government assistance and programs, maternity housing, and adoption services.

A few of the government assistance programs available include the following:

  • North Carolina Work First (TANF) Family Assistance offers up to 24 months of temporary cash assistance and employment services to low-income families.
  • North Carolina Benefit Diversion helps families in a temporary crisis.
  • North Carolina Food and Nutrition Services to help provide healthy food to families.
  • North Carolina Child Care Subsidy Program provides child care assistance.
  • Get Set Transylvania offers several crisis resources.

Our peer advocates are trained to help you sort through the decisions you face and make the one that is best for you. But most of all, we listen.

Assistance for Women Placing Their Child For Adoption

It is illegal in all states to get paid in return for placing your child for adoption. But, in North Carolina, payment for pregnancy-related expenses is available. As a potential birth mother, you can receive assistance for rent, food, maternity clothing, utilities, medical and legal costs, and support and counseling.

It costs a woman nothing to make an adoption plan, so take a closer look at this option.

Talk With Us About Available Resources

Contact us to learn more about the material resources and counseling services available. We are here to help you.