Am I ready to be a parent?

No one is truly ready to be a parent. It doesn’t matter how many books you read, podcasts you listen to, or people you talk to. Parenting is as unique as you and your child are. How would you answer the following statements?

  • I have the resources I need to parent.
  • The father of my child or my partner supports my parenting choice.
  • Family and friends can assist me in parenting.
  • I can provide my child with a stable, safe, and loving home.
  • I want to parent my child.

Answering “no” to some of the above statements doesn’t mean you can’t be an excellent parent. It means you need to find the resources necessary to be successful.

Unplanned Doesn’t Mean Impossible

There are many resources available to women who choose to parent. We can provide information about material resources and referrals for community assistance. In addition, we offer educational opportunities to help you learn about fetal development, pregnancy, and parenting at different stages.

Material Support

Our educational program, Earn While You Learn, teaches you how to care for a newborn and beyond. When you enroll and complete a course, you earn points that can be used to “purchase” items from our Baby Boutique. The boutique offers diapers, wipes, formula, maternity and baby clothes, and baby furniture and equipment.


If safe housing becomes an issue, we can assist you with referrals to maternity housing in our area.


Let us help you get assistance with the following:

  • Medical Care
  • Government Assistance Programs
  • Peer Consultations
  • Educational and Career Consultations
  • Childbirth Classes

Parenting Support Groups

Meeting with others in the same situation helps build confidence. At The Center for Women, we offer a Parent Support Group. Hero Dads is a group designed especially for men to grow and become successful fathers.

You Are Not Alone

Being a parent is a huge commitment. We promise to support and care for you and your child. You do not have to walk this path alone. Contact us to set up an appointment for free and confidential pregnancy services and an options consultation. We are here for you.