Growing Deeper – Mondays 11am – 12pm
If you have ever wanted to get more familiar with what is in the Bible and how it applies to your life, this class is for you!

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Child Development – Tuesdays 2pm-3pm
This class explores the different stages of child development. It can be tailored to the current ages of your children.
Life Skills – Wednesdays 12:15pm-1:15pm
We discuss a variety of topics in this class. It is designed to help equip and support you as you experience the many twists and turns of life.
Parenting Toddlers – Thursdays 11am-12pm
Some great tips on how to get your child to respond to your discipline in a calm and effective way.
newborn parenting classes brevard nc
Prenatal/NewbornStarting June 1st
A doula navigate the many aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. If you need help writing a birth plan, she is able to walk alongside you. She also educates you on what you might expect those first few months after the baby is born.